Collins Legacy

Results matter.
Trust is earned.

Long-term success means preparing for the future, not predicting it.

These are the guiding principles behind the alternative mutual fund from the visionary hedge fund managers at Collins Capital.

Founded in 1995, Collins Capital specializes in institutional quality alternative investment solutions. A team of experienced hedge fund managers, with leadership that includes Dorothy C. Weaver and Michael J. Collins, brings an average of 20 years of investment expertise to our clients. Through markets bull and bear, in portfolios big and small, the minds behind Collins Capital's alternative mutual fund constantly seek a balanced path towards investment.

To grow your wealth. To secure your future. These are the goals of Collins.

For two decades, Collins Capital has managed highly diversified portfolios of hedge funds with very low correlation to the markets and other alternative and traditional investments. Alignment of economic interests between Collins and its investors clearly differentiates us from the vast majority of our mutual fund peers1. Our principals and their families represent the largest investors in the Collins Funds. With a strong culture of knowledge, integrity, transparency, partnership, work to minimize risks and conflicts of interest, and innovative investment strategies, Collins Capital has firmly established itself as a thought leader in hedge fund investing.

Experience drives our belief that financial markets will continue to be volatile for the foreseeable future. It will be harder for investors to consistently generate positive returns. Amidst this uncertain backdrop, we are committed to delivering institutional quality alternative investment solutions with the goals of protecting against market turmoil and generating compelling risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

1 A January 22, 2013 Morningstar article stated of the 484 new mutual funds that launched since 2011, only three had a manager investment of over $1 million.