Collins Edge

What We Know.
The Collins Edge.

We understand the world's capital markets are dynamic. Our approach is proactive and forward-looking. We maintain a long-term perspective. We focus on capital preservation and the power of compounded growth over time.

Experience has shown us that navigating an uncertain investment world requires an investment approach grounded in four core principles. Experience. Process. Access. Commitment.

Depth of Vision

In challenging and volatile markets, there is no substitute for judgment grounded in decades of investment experience.

Collins Capital is managed by a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Miami Branch, and by a former President of Allianz, N.A. Both are recognized thought leaders in the multi-strategy hedge fund space, with extensive experience investing across multiple market cycles. All of the members of the Collins team are highly-skilled investors who bring discipline and understanding to hedge fund investing. Sound judgment is forged through experience. And this experience sets us apart.

  • Seasoned fund management team with an average of over 20 years of experience investing over multiple market cycles
  • Collins Capital has 20 years of demonstrated alternative investment expertise

Some call it skill. Others call it vision. We prefer to call it process.

Dorothy Weaver and Michael Collins first entered the hedge fund world over 30 year ago. The Collins process is proven, sustainable, measurable and repeatable, and is built around a proprietary risk management platform.

Strategic Relationships

The strength of an investment cannot be measured on a balance sheet. It's found in the reputation, credibility, and integrity of those who manage it. To deliver best-in-class results, we believe you need best-in-class minds, and Collins has worked for decades researching, finding and investing in what we believe are top-tier fund managers. Over the years, we have developed an expansive network of partner managers who bring highly-liquid, differentiated strategies to our portfolios.

Our Assets With Yours

It's easy to take uncompensated risk when it's not your wealth on the line. This is why the Collins Team invests side-by-side with fellow investors and shareholders. As we are the largest investors, the long-term goals of the funds and the risk-adjusted returns are just as important to us as they are to our clients. We believe that having substantial "skin in the game" is the best and only way to share a true investment commitment with those who trust us in our goals to protect and grow their wealth.