Targeted Benefits

Collins Liquid Alternative Solutions:
Mutual Fund Ease, Hedge Fund Expertise

Building wealth is rarely easy. But with smart minds managing it, and the right mindset guiding decisions, seeking to protect it doesn't have to be hard. At Collins, our visionary talent and out-of-the-box thinking can create opportunities for our clients.

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Daily Redemptions
  • Full Transparency
  • Independent Oversight
  • Simple 1099 - No K-11
  • No Performance Fee2
  • No Investor Qualifications

1 The Collins Long/Short Credit Fund may not receive the same tax benefits as those of an investment in a hedge fund.

2 While the fund does not have a performance fee, a management fee and other expenses will apply. Please refer to the Fund's prospectus for additional information.

  • Access to Top Tier Managers
  • Low Correlation to Stocks and Bonds
  • Diversification
  • Flexible Mandate
  • Seek to Mitigate Drawdowns
  • Disciplined Risk Management
  • Invest Long and Short
  • Opportunistic Active Management